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Morgan Macmillan 

Recruiting talented individuals who specialise within DevOps, Infrastructure, Network and Security. 

Working with us

Understanding you and your needs


We listen. From the first contact, you will be working with a single consultant who specialises in the area of focus. We will discuss your requirements in depth, going beyond the standard job specification and find out what makes you unique as a company. Collaboratively we will create a plan to ensure you are getting the best tailored experience possible.


We work relentlessly for you to ensure we send you the best candidates for your role, both those which are actively looking and those which are passive.


We take the hassle out of the recruitment process by confirming interview schedules, managing diaries and booking meetings to your convenience. We work closely with our candidates to ensure they are fully briefed about the role, the company and are committed to the interview time and location. When you find a candidate who suits your role we will do our best to get detailed and timely feedback in order to help streamline your hiring process.