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Morgan Macmillan 

Recruiting talented individuals who specialise within DevOps, Infrastructure, Network and Security. 

Taking the consultative approach

Our candidates quickly realise that their career objectives and personal aspirations matter to us. We guide you through the recruitment process from the initial engagement through hiring and continue to follow up after starting your new role. At each stage we offer advice and opportunities which will align with your aspirations. We ensure this process is at a pace which suits you best. We provide support and offering advice throughout, combining this with transparent communication. This is what ensures we secure your dream role. 


The Process

Soon after the initial engagement candidates will realise that at Morgan Macmillan, we deliver the very best IT job opportunities throughout the UK. We understand that finding the perfect role for you can be challenging, daunting and time-consuming.  


What we promise is that we invest time getting to know each and every individual we engage with, find exactly what your motivators are and understand your career goals. All of which help us secure your dream role.


Due to the in-depth understanding of the areas of which we recruit and specialise in, we have been able to form lasting relationships. We work extremely hard to maintain these relationships which can result in leverage to benefit both parties.

Exclusive opportunities – Having access to clients and roles which are not advertised online, meaning we can present you a role which other recruitment agencies aren't aware of yet and tell you about roles which you actually want and not only what is on the market/available at the time.


Dedicated – We aren’t going to wait around for things to happen or roles to appear, we will make everything happen for you and at your desired pace.


Communication – We keep all communication open and transparent at all times. We pursue feedback in a timely manner and keep you updated throughout the entire process.


Industry advice – Expertise in our specialised areas gives us access to tailored information depending on your sector, which gives you the best chance of securing you the role you desire.   

How we do it