It Recruitment Specialist

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Morgan Macmillan 

Recruiting talented individuals who specialise within DevOps, Infrastructure, Network and Security. 


Understanding Your Needs!


Ideally, we will meet in person. However, if this is not possible then we will have the initial conversation over the phone. During this, we will get an understanding of your current situation and what you are looking for on both a professional and a cultural level. We look at your technical skills and beyond, allowing us to bring you the best opportunities which match your dream role criteria.

Present Opportunities to You!


After understanding the role requirements and needs, we will be able to present to you the most relevant roles which are quite often not on the wider market yet. We will present to you opportunities from our carefully selected client base.


When we send your profile to those clients you have selected, we will have a full understanding of your background and will be able to create a well-rounded profile which will tell them more than just your technical abilities. This is what should secure you an interview.  

Industry preparation and insight!


Before you attend an interview we will provide you with as much advice and insight as possible, ensuring you have your best foot forward. We will also handle the scheduling of all interviews so that you can solely focus on preparation.

Feedback and next step!


Within a timely manner, we will provide you with honest and open feedback regardless of the interview outcome.


Between interviewing and starting we will assist the process to make all aspects as streamlined as possible. In addition, we will follow up after your start to ensure you are happy in the role.